Pre-Kindergarten Program

In our Pre-K program, our students work hard to create positive and long-lasting educational habits. Our curriculum is self-designed and includes kindergarten readiness activities as recommended by the Maryland State Department of Education. Along with cognitive development, we work on developing motor skills, independence, confidence, social skills, creativity, and how to be an active participant in a classroom environment.


We incorporate all components of literacy such as knowledge of letters and their sounds, vocabulary, rhyming, comprehension, and various print concepts. Our students have daily opportunities to work in small groups and individually, and teachers handcraft lessons and activities to promote development.


Using manipulatives, we learn basic math concepts such as counting, patterning, and sorting. Through the use of structured centers, free choice centers and many other methods, our students gain crucial math skills and confidence.

Science and Social Studies

The interests of the children are identified and used to explore many science topics, including weather, animals and nature. We make predictions and perform experiments to test our ideas as we learn more about the world around us. In Social Studies, we learn about where we live and what makes us a society. We also look at ways we can help our community grow and thrive.


The religion curriculum we use is Seeds by Pflaum Publishing. It is a Bible-based curriculum, focusing primarily on the Gospel readings for the upcoming Sunday Mass. Each week, the children explore a topic, hear the Bible story and then put the lesson into practice. Monthly classroom visits to the church enhance our understanding of the Catholic faith and all that God gives us.