Staff 2022-2023

Ms. Susan’s Twos Room

Ms. Susan and Ms. Mary Pat

Ms. Lisa’s Twos and Rising Threes Room

Ms. Lisa and Ms. Joanne

Ms. Cheri’s Rising Threes Room

Ms. Dana, Ms. Cheri, Ms. Susan

Ms. Kim’s Threes Room

Ms. Kim and Ms. Carley

Ms. Suzanne’s Threes Room

Ms. Karen, Ms. Suzanne, and Ms. Pam

Ms. Melissa’s Pre-K

Ms. Casey, Ms. Mary Pat, Ms. Melissa and  Ms. Ann

Ms. Liz’s Pre-K

Ms. Kara and Ms. Liz


Ms. Laura, Ms. Eileen, and Ms. Beth

Subs and Angels

 Ms. Jamie our Angel!